Fur ever faux

And all of a sudden temperatures went from great to insane.
It’s 26 degrees Celsius, in September!
We’ve had a long and warm summer, warmer than ever before. Since they started to register temperatures a long time ago, it’s never been this hot around here.
And so far, fall seem to be just as great.
The weather is perfect for a wearing a skirt. Usually, by now, I’ve packed away all my summer items but not this year.
This year is special.
Fur is once again in the trend spotlight, and it’s an amazing fabric as long as it’s fake!
I would never wear real fur, but I don’t mind if people do.
I just don’t approve of people purchasing fur.
A lot of people have fur coats that’s been in the family for generations.
If you have it, use it! Just don’t purchase it.
Fur was often used in cold climate areas, and still are. If an animal is killed for food then why not make use of it every way possible. It’s how it was done in the old days when people were more self-sufficient.
And how it still is done in some parts.
What I’m against is breeding animals for the sole purpose of making fur. It’s a disgusting industry.
You can probably find flaws in the making of faux fur as well, just as you can with the entire clothing industry.
 We’ll leave that discussion for later. Faux fur looks fabulous and costs a lot less.
This faux fur vest is 100% polyester and it’s from Custo Barcelona.
Metallic is another trend this fall, and gold is a safe bet if you want to shine.
The A-line silhouette makes this Moschino skirt very much on-trend.
Ankle boots, by Jeffrey Campbell, with buckle detailing roughen up this outfit.
High boots would also work but I’m personally a huge fan of ankle boots.
I’ll be back with one more post later one today.
See ya then:)
Fur ever