It looks like high summer in my garden, with flowers blooming everywhere, but the trees are telling a different story.
Leaves are falling and the forest is showing off its prettiest colors.
The awesome shirt in this set is by MSGM and it’s very trendy with its graphic diamond print in bold colors.
I love the concealed buttons, perfect for women with a large chest area. I have to go up several sizes when I buy a buttoned shirt, or I’ll get peek-a-boo thing happening in between the buttons.
Not flattering and no fun, but with concealed buttons the problem gets solved.
I wish they made all shirts like this.
The classic trousers are from Alexander McQueen and I love the red waistband.
I would have to wear this shirt open to show off this awesome waistband, and then the buttons won’t matter anyways:)
Male inspired items are very on-trend this season, add a pair of high heel boots to balance the outfit and give it a feminine touch.
All items , except for the boots, are still available for purchase.