This set was made for a group contest called ‘loneliness’, and I think I got the right feeling in this set.
I did win the contest too. That being said, only two people participated!!
Such a great win!
But I like this set, it has a vibe to it that does depict loneliness. Probably thanks to the kitty.
One of the hottest trends this season is as furry as this kitten. Fur, or faux fur, waistcoats are the thing to wear this fall.
If they’re made of sheep wool and sheep skin they’re even more on trend.
The trend has a 70’s vibe to it, at least I feel it does. To me these type of waistcoats and jackets screams of the 70’s.
I’ve still to figure out what this trend and fabric is called in English so bare with me.
Checks are still happening so this top is very on-trend with its graphic, monochrome look and its cropped sleeves.
The top is from Balenciaga.
I’m not sure about these pants though, as pretty as they are it says in the description that they have black and white stripes.?.
After doing some digging, the black stripe is on the side of each leg so it doesn’t show in this set.
I was going for an all white pair, but oh well, these striped pants are from Barbara Bui.
These vintage inspired pumps gives this outfit that little extra touch.
These fab pumps are from Modcloth.
All items, except from the clutch, are still available for purchase.