Everything nice

Sorry for the late update today but today is the birthday of my youngest daughter.
She’s turning 15, it’s strange how time flies.
Cinnamon spice, everything nice…a saying that rings true for both fall and Christmas.
It’s time to dig out your warmer clothes, and invest in new ones.
Decorate with cinnamon and spices, and also use them for your tea and coffee.
Light a hundred candles and wrap yourself in pillows and throws.
Such a wonderful season!
My candles are lit, I’m zipping cappuccino and enjoying being indoors as the weather is getting colder.
Days are still nice and sunny, but it’s cold in the shade and evenings and mornings are freezing.
So a lovely cape or poncho is perfect this time of year, and this season there are plenty of them.
This faux fur trim poncho is out of stock, but all the other items are still available.
A super soft v-neck by J.W Anderson, trousers from Freda, boots by Pierre Hardy and clutch from Christian Louboutin.
A perfect outfit for a visit to the coffeehouse.
Everything nice