Black & White for my team

Football season is soon to be over, or so it is in my part of the world.
I’m not talking about American football, but what some people like to refer to as soccer.
What does soccer even mean?! It’s called football! There’s a ball and you kick it with your foot. It’s a given!
Clear and simple.
Every area with respect for itself has its own football team. The local team where I live is Rosenborg. The best team this country has fostered, one can argue. They’ve won 22 league titles, 9 national football cup titles, and they’ve played more UEFA matches than any other Norwegian team.
I’m not a huge football supporter to be honest. My favorite thing about my local team are the team colors, black and white.
So much easier to dress up for a match when you can play with such a perfect color combination, and a color combo that’s always in style.
Last weekend we went to a football cup that was held just a few minutes from where we live.
It was a kid’s cup and we were cheering on neighbour’s kids. It was a lot of fun.
There was a stage, a local band and great food.
Even the weather was fabulous!
Black & White for my team