The most popular fall colors are usually the ones you see on the trees, earth tones as we call them.
But this fall is a little different.
I’ve already mentioned and written about the color red being one of the colors to wear this fall.
And then there’s royal blue, metallic bronze, moss-green, grey, white, pale pink, and bright yellow.
Fall has other colors in store as well, but let’s talk about yellow.
It’s not for the timid, but you don’t have to go yellow from top to bottom.
Wearing yellow might take a little getting used to.
Follow the example in this set and add just a tiny bit.
The color is so bright that just a little hint of it goes a long way, and is most definitely noticeable.
Wearing a yellow print is very on-trend and this dress has the right amount of yellow for a soft start into wearing this color.
Next step, take it all out by wearing a bright yellow coat:)

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    1. Me too!
      I cut my hair about the same length but without the bangs.
      It’s grown back again now but I do prefer it at either shoulder length or just to my chin

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