Times ticking

This is the very near future.
We’ve had an amazing fall so far and the flowers in my garden are still blooming and growing.
Like they believe it’s July.
But today we’ve had a change in weather with heavy rainfall and strong wind.
The air is crisp and cold, it feels like winter is lurking just around the corner.
But then the sun turns up again and it’s crazy how warm it gets.
But it’s inevitable, winter will arrive, any day now.
My garden will stay as is for as long as possible, but as soon as the temperature goes below zero (Celsius) I’ll have to clean it up and make it ready for a long and cold winter.
At least I’m hoping for a cold winter, the way winter is supposed to be.
But in recent years it’s been more rain than snow. Can’t stand it!
I prefer it to be about -5 to -10 degrees Celsius and with a lot of snow.
If it’s going to be winter it should at least be a proper one!
And with the trends this season, I’m actually looking forward to wrap myself in oversized knit and long coats.
The trends are very winter friendly this season. Perfect for Nordic living!
Times ticking