Get Adorkable with Topshop

This set was made for a Polyvore contest a while back.
The contest was a collaboration between Polyvore and TopShop to bring attention to TopShop’s new collection called Adorkable.
This is a collection focusing on students going back to school.
So all items in this set, a part from the necklace, are from TopShop.
Must be a popular collection since most of the items are already out of stock.
It’s still possible to wear short skirts as long as you combine it with a long coat or tights.
It all depends on the weather where you’re at.
In some parts of the world it’s spring, while it’s fall in other parts.
My posts will always be according to the weather and season where I live.
I don’t live on the Northpole, but it’s not far:)
Get Adorkable with Topshop: Contest Entry