Bring me a cup

This set placed 4th in a group contest at Polyvore, and it’s one of my favorite sets.
Mostly due to the coffee and cupcakes:)
I can’t believe the amount of rain that’s been pouring down the last few days.
And yesterday we had thunder and lightning, and it’s rare this time of year.
But never mind the weather, it’s Saturday and time to put on a dress.
This outfit is no party outfit but perfect for a coffeehouse date.
This vintage dream of a polka-dot dress has a retro silhouette that fits the trends of the season.
Believe it or dot, as the description says.
Both the dress and tote are from Modcloth.
The tote is adorable with its cutsie polka dots, the faux leather strap helps roughen it up a bit.
While distressed leather boots makes sure the outfit doesn’t become too cute.
Boots from Jeffrey Campbell.
The 60’s inspired boxy coat is from Monki and adds to the vintage look.
Who wouldn’t want to sip cappuccino looking like this?!
Bring me a cup