Summer to Fall- Maxi Dress

By now many of you might already have packed away most of your summer outfits, or maybe you’re still hanging on to the hope that you might get a chance to wear that summer dress just one more time.
Fear not, the solution is here. (lol).
You can still wear any dress or skirt you want even if it’s chilly, just add a nice pair of tights or leggings underneath to keep your legs warm.
Or choose knee-high boots for the same purpose.
Wear your summer maxi dress during fall by simply adding a nice top, or a warm sweater if it’s really chilly.
Use this tip with any dress and in an instant turn your dress into a skirt, and you have a two in one item.
Great way to make the most of what you already got, and with different sweaters and accessories you can style your summer dress in many different ways.
I came over a fabulous tip in a magazine the other day and I was hoping they had posted it online as well, but no such luck.
Anyways, the model was wearing a turtleneck jumper as a scarf!
Sounds silly but looked awesome.
Re-purposing is a great way to make the most of your items.
The image below is from Free People and I used the outfit as inspiration for making this set.
The maxi dress is from Patrizia Pepe, faux leather jacket from Maze and boots from Steven.
The handbag and lace top are out of stock.
Hope this inspires you to re-think your wardrobe and come up with new ways to wear what you already got:)
Summer to Fall- Maxi Dress

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