Being me

Love this outfit!
There will always be an occasion that requires a dress or a skirt, no matter the season.
Even so I would choose a skirt in a thicker fabric and leave the summer skirts for next year.
This skirt is from Burberry and looks fabulous with its graphic motif, and the colors are perfect for fall.
This is an outfit you can wear to work at the office.
The block stripe sweater is from Derek Lam and it has the three-quarter length sleeves we’ve been seeing a lot of this fall.
Oversized coat from TopShop. The masculine inspired coat is still as trendy this fall as it was last fall.
I like it when a trend sticks around for a while, things change often enough in fashion.
And lately we’ve seen a new trend come to life as a protest to this fast swirling fashion world.
I’m thinking about the trend called Normcore, originally it is not meant to be a trend.
Kinda reminds me of Kurt Cobain who tried so hard to be different but ended up being part of the pop culture that he so despised.
Prince William and Jerry Seinfeld are great examples of men who never set out to be trend setters, yet that’s exactly what they ended up being.
The fact that Normcore has become a trend is defeating its entire purpose since the idea behind Normcore is to not care about trends.
Well…anyways. Sort of got lost there for a minute.
The good news is that all the items in this set are still available for purchase:)
Being me

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