Fashion week is over and done with in the big cities and we’ve had a good view of the trends to come.
I read somewhere that if it comes in three, then call it a trend.
So if we count the runway repeats, these are some of the trends that’s coming our way next spring;
feathers and tassels, sheer, polo-style shirts, parka, Gingham plaids, slouchy items, suede, shirt-dresses, kimono-style trench coats, one-shoulder cuts, and the boldest trend of them all; layer your skirt on top of your dress, kinda like an apron.
Here are some of the colors to look out for;
yellow, black and white, blue and white, head to toe white, military green, white and orange.
Now, this is just mentioning a few of the coming trends and color trends.
The image below is from Tanya Taylor Spring 2015 RTW collection, and we’re seeing a lot of white and orange in this collection.
Take a look at it here.
Knowing the coming trends, ahead of time, is always a plus as you can plan your wardrobe and purchase items that can easily transition from season to season.
Take the black and white, and head-to-toe-white color trends, they’ve been around for several seasons and will continue to stick around for spring and summer 2015.
So investing in these colors might be a smart move.
I would put more money into items that survives the change in trends and seasons, and spend less on trends that are short-lived.
Orange is another color that’s been around for a while and intends to stay through the transition in seasons.
What do you think of the coming trends? Is it too early to think about spring?
I also want to point out that trends does not have to be followed.
The runway is not a bible, but a source of inspiration. Style comes from within and is about knowing your body shape and what suits you.
Spring is months away so let’s get back to the current season. Nothing beats living in the moment!