Day to Night

Most people think casual when they think of a denim shirt, or denim in general.
Originally denim was the hard worker’s uniform and not something you would wear for a formal occasion.
When I was younger I remember denim being ‘banned’ during Christmas, Easter and other important occasions. Older family members would frown or throw a fit if I came wearing jeans.
It was disrespectful to wear denim to any formal or semi formal happening. But times have slowly changed and even denim can be dressed up.
So how to transform your denim shirt from day to night.
A few key rules when you want to make your outfit fit for the evening; leave the handbag for an evening-friendly clutch and the boots or flats for a pair of killer heels, preferably pumps.
Add some accessories for a more dressed-up look.
I’ve also changed from pants to a skirt.
But what if you’re short on time and need to go straight from work to a formal meeting or a dinner party, and you did not get a heads up ahead of time?
I would make sure to keep a few things at the office, like a few accessories, a pair of pumps and maybe a pencil skirt and a blazer, this way you’ll never get caught off guard.
At my former workplace everyone had their own locker and I always had an extra change of clothes in mine. Not because I could get swooped off to a meeting, but sometimes the weather would be awful and by the time I got to work I’d be soaking wet. Those who didn’t think ahead of time had to spend the entire day in wet clothes. It was a good 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the workplace.
I worked at a place called ‘sewing & design’, so my days were mostly spent by the sewing machine.
We also had a little shop where people could buy our work. I really miss working there.
Anyways, I’ve added a few shiny items to my night outfit to make it look more exclusive.
Would you wear it?
Day to Night