Kitty Kat

The last two days have been freezing, and the ground is covered in frost.
It’s beginning to look like late fall.
Still, if I wanna wear a dress, I’m gonna wear a dress! Just so you know:)
If you want to wear it the trendy way, you should pick a shirt dress or sweaterdress.
Find one in a loose fit, if you want more shape just add a belt.
This diamond print shirt dress is from Michael Kors, and I love it!
Black and orange look tough and strong when paired together.
And the colors also fit the season well.
This late in the season you probably need to wear a pair of wool tights underneath your dress, and add a coat if you intend to leave the house.
Class it up with a pair of knee-high boots.
It will help keep your legs warm as well as making you look stunning in your shirt dress.
This super expensive pair comes from Salvatore Ferragamo.
Want more amazing?!
How about an oak shoulder bag?
Made of smoked oak wood and leather, with a cute silver chain.
The interior is covered in leather and the bag has magnetic closure.
You can also remove, or hide, the silver chain and that way transform this shoulder bag into a clutch.
It’s 100 % handmade, and with that in mind the price is not as scary as one would assume.
It’s from Embawo who only use certified wood, and all bags are handmade in Italy.
I need this bag!!
Someone needs to make a tutorial!
Kitty Kat