Under the weather style

What would you wear if you were home sick?
What would you wear for a long lazy sunday with no other plan than staying in?
The other day someone, on Facebook, claimed that when women get married they all end up in sweatpants. What’s up with this age and relationship status discrimination?!
There’s no secret organization that picks you up, cuts off your long hair and hands you a pair of sweatpants the minute you turn 40! Just so you know! I’ve never once seen my mother wear sweatpants, though she does have short hair.
I’ve never owned a pair of sweats myself, it’s one of those things that will never enter my closet! Ever!
No hoodie either!
This set shows what I would wear for a lazy/sick day at home. I usually wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath a sweaterdress, or an oversized sweater.
I can’t think of anything more comfy than that.
If I’m cold I throw on a cardigan. I have a lot of cardigans and capes.
I don’t wear slippers though. I prefer a pair of knitted wool socks on top of my regular socks.
I live on the ground floor so the floor does get very cold during winter.
No one likes a cold toe. My mom used to say ‘if your feet are cold, then everything else is cold too’. So if you want to be warm, make sure your feet are warm and the rest will follow.
If my feet are really cold I give them a nice and warm foot bath.
Another important ingredient is hot chocolate!! With plenty of cream and marshmallows, and off course a chocolate bar to dip with. Cappuccino with cinnamon works too!
Under the weather style