Street Style; Hounds tooth

This is the weather today, heavy rainfall.
But what does it matter when you have a big, orange umbrella.
Street style has become a phenomenon. But I have to say, fashion is seriously suffering if street style truly is what people on the streets are wearing.
But it’s not, it says nothing about what the average person on the street is wearing. It’s all about the cool kid. The fashion bloggers and the fashionistas.
I’m just happy I’m not a street style blogger, I would have to walk around for hours and still not find anyone to photograph. I guess it’s true that some cities are more fashionable than others.
And I believe the weather has a great deal to do with it. But in later years fashion has become more cold-climate-friendly, with winter coats and big scarfs being trendy. It’s even trendy to wear a beenie, an item that used to be hated and dreaded. Kids would rather suffer and freeze their ears off than being caught wearing a beenie.
Hounds tooth is one of the lucky winners when it comes to street style, it’s a trendy print to wear.
This oversized blazer comes from Stella McCartney.
The very same lady has made faces a trendy print to wear, and the chain stores have taken notice. This top is from Lindex.
Leather never goes out of style and returns every fall. These leather leggings are from Alexander Wang.
Boots from Derek Lam and clutch from Proenza Schouler.
Now, feel free to step out into the rain. Beenie or not.
Street Style; Hounds tooth