Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
The day has arrived, and I’m prepared.
We always have a bet going where we try to guess how many kids will stop by during the evening.
My guess was the winning guess last year with 4 kids trick or treating at our door.
 This year my bet is 3.
Every year Halloween starts a national debate and a lot of whining from adults.
Many adults complain about this imported event, it wasn’t around when we grew up so why do we need it now.
But culture is not static, it’s constantly evolving and changing. And Halloween is here to stay!
When today’s kids have their own kids they’ll want to pass on this event from when they grew up.
And the whiners will become older and older until they vanish.
I welcome any excuse to celebrate and make an otherwise regular day into something special.
A common complaint is that Halloween takes away our own tradition with going Julebukk during Christmas. But I highly doubt the reason kids no longer goes Julebukk has anything to do with Halloween. Kids does not come in to this world ready to go Julebukk, it’s the parents that needs to take the initiative and introduce the tradition. I’m sure kids will welcome it, who doesn’t want free candy?! And twice a year is better than once, I think most kids will agree.
Julebukk was very popular when I was a child. It’s an old costume where kids dress up and go door to door, when the door opens they sing a Christmas carol while holding a bag or bucket and they get candy.
When it comes to Halloween, you don’t need to buy into the commercialized part of the celebration. Wear what you have and make your own decorations. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for Halloween.
This set is a perfect example on how to dress up without much effort, by using clothes you already have.
If you buy a witch’s hat you’ll have it for years, the rest are items a lot of us already have in our closets.
You can also use make-up to tell the story you want.
However you go about it, I hope your day will be great and spooky!
Happy Halloween