This is as scary as it gets!

Halloween is over and done with, but I have one more set to post.
I don’t like the scary part about Halloween, blood and body parts and other nasty stuff.
It’s just awful! I can handle a few ghosts and a witch or two, but that’s as scary as it gets around here.
We’ve had a great day today, but it’s been a bit sad too. My eldest daughter is in the army but she’s soon done and will be moving to yet another city. At first she’ll be living with her grandparents so that’s a good thing. Today she was visiting with her boyfriend to clear out her room.
Some stuff got thrown out, some got carried down into the basement and a lot of it she packed to take with her.
Such a strange feeling, it suddenly hit me that she’s all grown up.
So this set fits the melancholic mood I’m in.
This is as scary as it gets!

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