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It’s raining buckets outside, and I get full use of the new raincoat I bought earlier this year.
It’s the very same raincoat as in this set, and I love it!
It’s the fanciest raincoat I’ve ever had but more important, it keeps me nice and dry.
Black and white are still as trendy as ever, it seem to be a combo that never goes out of style.
Who says you can’t be trendy in the rain! Polka dots and stripes still reign.
I actually have a pair of boots exactly like the pair in this set, though mine are a cheaper version.
They’re still one of my favorite pairs and they keep my feet dry. Just remember to impregnate your leather shoes and boots so they’re ready for the winter season.
I’m really not sure about the word ‘impregnate’ but google says it is so, do blame them if it’s not.Satisfaction guaranteed