White on white

White is a trendy color , and white on white is even more trendy.
I’m not sure though if white really is a color. Well, what I do know is that color doesn’t actually exist outside of the human eye!
Color is simply a reflection, so if looking at a green leaf what we do know is that the leaf is any color but green.
So grass and trees are not really green, they reflect the only color they’re not so therefore what we see is green.
Animals see different colors or lights. Cause that’s what color is, a reflection of light.
Okay, enough with the science, I’m horrible at explaining anyways.
I wonder if winter has arrived somewhere in this world?!
We still have frost on the ground but no snow yet.
Strange really this late in the year.
The more I look at this set the more pink it becomes. Hm.
Pleated skirts are very in at the moment so this one from Celine is perfect in that regard.
Frilled crepe blouse from H&M, booties from Grey Mer and handbag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I’m giving this color talk a rest now.
White on white