Black & White

This is awesome, three fabulous designer brands in one outfit.
Missoni, Kenzo and Isabel Marant. Love it!
Even Alexander McQueen is represented through the leather backpack.
The backpack have made a comeback and is the trendy thing to hang on your shoulder this season.
I usually don’t like to mix age into the picture when it comes to fashion, but it’s something about the backpack that makes it look like you’re carrying it for someone else as soon as you reach a certain age.
It might just be my personal feeling, maybe because I’ve often carried my kid’s backpacks for them.
But it is possible to get away with wearing one, even after your teens, you just need to make sure you find one that’s classy. Like this one from Alexander McQueen. It’s way over my budget but there are many similar ones out there at a much more reasonable price.
With an outfit like this who cares where you keep your keys and wallet. The black and white sweater is from Kenzo, wool coat from Isabel Marant, palazzo trousers from Missoni and combat boots from Volcom.
Black & White