Sporty style

The sporty style is still very trendy and mixing sporty with classic is an even bigger trend. I’m feeling sporty right now after cleaning my living room all day.
You might think I have a huge living room, but no I don’t. I’m extremely detail oriented and not a millimeter escapes me when I’m doing the Christmas cleaning.
The kitchen is all done as is one bedroom and now also the living room. I think I might get it all done before the first advent Sunday.
I’ve never liked to work out but since my back started to act up I will most likely have to in order to fix it. I’m off to an examination on December 5th, it’s called a back school, it’s all about working out. They say it’s hard work going there so I’m not sure what to expect. Not really looking forward to it but then again, if it can remove all the issues I have at the moment, I’m all for it!
If people can be injured so they can’t walk and then train themselves into walking again, I guess I can put in the work for my back to heal as well. I hope.
Sporty style