Red & Green

This set was made for a contest and the theme was red & green.
Colors that always go well together but for some reason I never wear this color combo.
When I think about it I don’t wear green at all.
Might be the only color I don’t wear. I think I need to figure out why that is:)
I’m still working my ass off cleaning this home for Christmas. It’s takes a while when I have to be careful to not move the wrong way so my back gets crazy again.
I’m all done with the livingroom, kitchen, hallway and one bedroom.
I’ve got the bathroom, toilet, washroom and two more bedrooms to go. I’m seeing the end of it though.
The coming sunday is the first sunday in Advent and the first Christmas candle is lit, so I need to be ready for it. I need to hang my star in the window and get the 7 arm advent chandelier in place as well as the one with the 4 candles we light every sunday.
Not sure if these are traditions only in this part of the world or if everyone does it.
I can’t wait for December to arrive, so excited:)
Red & Green