December 1st

How awesome is this, it’s December 1st and it’s snowing. Love it!
I’ve got my hands full doing all the count-down calendars, every year I win and I sure hope this year is no different. The year before last I won 6 times and last year I won 5.
I participate in about 60 different ones, online, so it takes up most of my evenings.
Last year I did a calendar here on my blog, I posted one dress for each day from December 1st to December 24th.
This year my  count-down will be with winter themed sets, starting with this polka-dotted top. Love the stars on the side of the pants, if I’m going to wear jeans I want them to have some sort of detail that makes them stand out. When I buy a pair of jeans I try to find a pair with something extra instead of the plain blue denim that everyone’s got.
I’m off to do my calendars, wish me luck:)
Polka Dot