December 13th

It’s December 13th and St. Lucy’s day or Santa Lucia as we call it.
Her day is a festival of light. This year Santa Lucia ended up being on a Saturday so I’m positive most schools celebrated yesterday. School children have a parade early in the morning of the 13th where they are all dressed in white and holding a candle.
In front walks Santa Lucia, and on her head she has a crown made of candles. Sometimes the boys carry a star-on-a-stick instead of the candle, and the girl chosen to be Lucia has to have long blonde hair.
I believe it’s 5th graders that do the parade. When I was a 5th grader I was chosen as runner-up to be Lucia. I had all my fingers crossed hoping the lead girl would call in sick that day. I was so bad, but  it was such a huge dream for most us girls, we all wanted to be Lucia. We would look in envy on Lucia all the years we were too young and we couldn’t wait to be 5th graders. All the girls wanted to be chosen as Lucia and for the blonde girls it was a small possibility it could happen. And in those days most girls were blonde:) I never got to be Lucia but my eldest daughter did.  And believe me, my heart was bursting at that moment ha ha:)
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