December 18th

Today I  got the Christmas tree, so happy about my tree this year.
I still have a few more things I need to get done but I like being busy the few days before Christmas.
I need to bake some more gingerbread and clean my home one last time before Christmas, and do the final shopping. We don’t drive so I have to make two rounds to get everything I need for the holidays.
And I need to wrap the gifts for my kids. They’re not celebrating with us this year, so this year we’re having a tiny Christmas eve on little Christmas eve (what we call the 23. around here). Little Christmas eve is usually when people decorate the tree but I’ll have to get it done the day before so everything is ready for my kids.
The rest of the holidays it’ll only be my hubby and I.
Still looks like a Christmas card outside, lots of heavy snow on the trees and white as far as you can see.
It’s freezing and I love it!
Happy December 18th everyone, remember no stress!!
Winter in the city