December 19th

Not sure what happened but this set was accidentally posted last night. Maybe I forgot to click ‘save as draft’.
This post was made for the 23. but since it’s here I might as well go with it.
It’s a Christmas tradition to decorate the tree on the 23.
The day we call ‘little Christmas eve’. This day everyone decorates their tree and watch ‘Dinner for one’ on TV at exactly 9 o’clock in the evening.
One year it was sent half an hour earlier and it was a national uproar, the TV station had to apologize and send it again. When I grew up we only had one TV channel that sent programs only during the evenings, from 6 to 11. But at Christmas we could watch TV in the morning and it was only cartoons and programs for children. It was magical. Everyone watched the same things since we had no other options and these annual programs are still a huge part of people’s Christmas traditions.
When the tree is decorated and everyone is safe asleep in their beds I make sure all the presents are put under the tree. And all trays and bowls are filled to the rim with candy, nuts and cookies. I fill the stockings and place this year’s Christmas cartoons on the sofa. Or ‘julehefte’ as we call it. It’s an old tradition that goes way back.  A julehefte is a cartoon publication that gets released before Christmas. Their usually available for sale from December 1st or late November. It’s a great tradition and even if you don’t normally read cartoons you sure do during Christmas.
I have a few more things I need to get done so I’m happy the 23. is still some days away.
But it’s getting exciting!
Oh Christmas Tree