December 24.

I’ve had so much to do the past few days so I have to apologize for my late updates and for not posting at all yesterday.
Christmas eve was yesterday and it was the most wonderful day.
It’s been snowing straight for a few weeks and its cold. It was 16 degrees below Celsius on Christmas eve. Today it’s ‘only’ 13 below. Perfect winter weather, cold and lots of snow.
My kids celebrated with us on little Christmas eve and on the morning of Christmas eve. They are doing the every other year kinda thing.
My eldest daughter is in the midst of moving, she just finished her year in the army and is now moving in with her grandparents in our nations capital.
My hubby and I had a great Christmas eve and we got many amazing presents, so we’re very pleased.
We open our presents on Christmas eve after Christmas dinner. In some countries they open their gifts in the morning the 25th.
So Happy Christmas morning to those who celebrate today.
Here it’s a holy day today, one of the holiest days of the year. We call it first Christmas day, tomorrow it’s the second Christmas day. Meaning today is the first day after Christmas eve. This week we call ‘Romjul’. Love the words but I have no clue where it came from and what the original meaning were. But Romjul is my fave part of the year, the quiet week between Christmas eve and New years eve. A time to relax and reflect.
Have a great Christmas everyone!
Winter blues