Beanie weather

It’s been a while.
We’ve had a fire and some other stuff going on so I’ve been too fed up with life to bother blog about it.
But I’m doing fine. The fire was in our basement, right underneath our apartment, but everything is fine.
Even our stuff downstairs managed to escape, though not everyone was as lucky.
Even so, it was a scary incident.
New this year: I’ve started working out!!! For the very first time, ever!
And turns out I’m made for it.
I feel so much better. The work-out combined with the fact that I quit smoking in October, has resulted in a better me.
I hope to be back blogging again. Maybe not with an update every single day, but often enough. And we’re in the midst of Fashion Week, life couldn’t be better right now.
If you leave my troublesome teenager out of the equation, that is!