Touch of yellow

You can never go wrong wearing white, unless you park yourself on a dirty bench.

White has become a safe bet in the world of fashion. The white-on-white trend seem to loyally pop up every season, be it spring or fall. And this spring is no different.

White is once again in fashion and there’s no escaping the head-to-toe white this season either. This spring you can also pair white with black or blue. Both combinations we’ve seen many times before. The great thing about this is that your items can survive season after season.

Another fashionable color for spring is yellow. Not everyone feels comfortable in yellow, but the color has more to offer than screaming bright and comes in many different hues. There’s a shade for everyone I’m sure, but if yellow still seem to much to handle then why not add just a tiny bit of it. Bring life to your white-on-white outfit by adding a touch of yellow. A little can go a long way don’t you think?!

Touch of yellow