At the coffeehouse

After a nice work-out there’s nothing better than to sit down and relax with a nice cup of cappuccino at the coffeehouse.
The snow is slowly raining away, but it’s still chilly and too early to skip the coat.
This set was made a while ago and some of the items are no longer available for purchase. But I really like this set so I’m posting it anyways.
Even though the purpose is that you can click your way from the item to the store, I think a greater purpose is the inspiration that each set provides. A lot of the clothes are too expensive anyways. Anyone can get their hands on a pair of jeans and with a little bit of DIY attitude you can easily copy the stars on the jeans seen below. If you’re really handy you can knit your own turtleneck, or find one at a local chain store. The dust coat is more affordable and still available for purchase at chicnova.com60 sec style