Time for Culottes

It’s New York fashion week…ha ha…April fools!
Sorry it’s the best I can do!
I’m horrible at this, when I try to fool someone the only one who ends up looking like a fool is me.
This set was made during NY fashion week but I never got around to post it.
Again with the culottes. As I’ve mentioned before, you can’t escape them this season.
With the 70’s back in style the wide leg is also a trendy pick.
I love the men-inspired loafers, or pub-to-pub shoes as we call them around here. I find them to be very sophisticated and feminine. But my favorite item in this set is the knitted jumper. This item has so many things I love; the chunky knit, the wide sleeves, the nude color, and the oversized roll neck. It’s perfect but it’s also out of stock.
I also love the cape coat, and it’s the only item still available in this set.
For a closer look at it you can click here.