A new trend in town

Happy …ehh…Skjærtorsdag!
Turns out I have no clue what today is called in English. Hold on while I look it up.
Well, according to Google translate it’s called Maundy Thursday, a term I’ve never ever heard before so I’m suspecting this day may be called something else too. If you know, fill me in please!
This morning we woke up to a white landscape. It’s apparently been snowing during the night but then it started to rain so all the snow is now gone again.
It’s way too early to wear shorts but Easter is colorful and there’s a new trend in town; coloring books for adults! And I totally want one. This set is made in celebration of this new and fabulous idea.
If this set was a page in a coloring book, these are the exact colors I would choose to play with. I loved to color as a child and I used to encourage my kids to color so that I could join in. Advanced coloring books for adults is an amazing idea, we all need some time offline anyways. If you want to know more, click here to learn about the adult coloring book called ‘Secret Garden’.
Have a fabulous Easter