Easter Kitchen

Easter is coming to an end and with just two more days to go we better enjoy it while we can.  We don’t eat a lot of pancakes at my house but during Easter we do.
It’s one of those things we make once a year. In America they eat pancakes for breakfast while here it’s a dinner.
Our pancakes are bigger though and we eat bacon and soup with the dish. Pea soup.
In Greece they eat pancakes for dessert, it’s delicious. With cream and strawberries and all sorts of goodies.
The American pancakes looks more like another type of ‘pancake’ that we call Svele or Lapper. It’s a smaller and thicker version of the kind we eat for dinner.
But from now on I’m going to make rabbit pancakes like in the image below.
What ever you’re eating, enjoy and happy Easter day!
Easter Kitchen