Overkill & Milk

What can I say about this set.
Well, I was clearly not paying attention to what I was doing cause this outfit is an overkill. It was made for a contest about love and I guess I got too caught up in the storyline and less in the outfit.
I love the big bow skirt, but one big bow is more than enough!
You don’t need a collar bow as well! And trying to hide it with a necklace is not going to help much either.
It’s like I didn’t even notice the collar bow. I don’t know.
All I know is that something went very wrong, and I never even noticed until now.
But a black outfit can look hot with red details, so it’s not all bad.
And the clutch is fun. It’s shaped like a milk carton according to the info.
Please show me, I want to see a milk carton with such a shape cause that must be one freaky milk carton!
This is a milk carton, and it looks nothing like the clutch!
Love or leave