Denim & Print

As mentioned a gazillion times before, I love prints! I love graphic prints, cute prints, loud prints, prints prints prints!
But for some reason I’ve never fallen head over heels for animal prints.
It might have something to do with the damaging 80’s, the era of tacky.
I was young, and animal prints equaled old women. The older they were the closer to the jungle they got. Or so it appeared for us teens.
So I am scared!
But the past few seasons have healed those scars a bit and I’ve come to realize that it’s possible to wear animal print and not look tacky. Even though I do like more, when it comes to these prints less is most certainly more!
In the set I’ve paired the cropped tiger print blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans.
I think it looks fab together!
Love the multicolored blouse and the embellished jeans.
The graphic printed handbag is to die for! It’s from Fendi and has a price tag also to die for.
The animal print is repeated in the shoes. The same print on a pair of boots or pumps would’ve been too much, but it works well with flats.
It all comes down to personal taste. If you love it, wear it!
It’s still raining around here so I had to add a trench.
I’m starting to wonder if we’ll see the sun at all this summer….
Denim & Print