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I forgot to post this on Sankthans but better late than never.
Sankthans is midsummer night. It is one of the many Christian holidays that has married a pagan holiday and become one.
Sankthans was originally a church holiday in memory of John the Baptist and was celebrated the 24th of June. On June 23rd pagans celebrated Jonsok, the day the sun turns. Also called midsummer night.
These two days got mixed together and is now still called Sankthans but it’s celebrated on June 23rd and the celebration is only about the day being the longest in the year.  We build a fire and eat, mainly.
You can read more about it here.
If you’re not married then you can get a glimpse of your future husband by picking seven different wild flowers and keep them under your pillow while sleeping.
But, you’ll have to try it next year since I’m way late with this post:)
Beautiful Garden