The greek feeling

I’m not yet done with the blue, but this time I’m pairing it with black.
Black might not be the color of choice in summertime, but It does work in this summer outfit.
This set reminds me of Greece, it might be due to the colors but I think it’s the background that does it.
There’s a lot of cats in Greece, but what they really have in plenty is white and blue buildings and narrow alleys.
I’ve been to Greece twice and loved it so much that I began to study the language and culture. I even thought about moving there.
I didn’t speak greek and I didn’t understand all that much but I understood when I read it, or listened to greek lyrics. But then life happened. I met my man and that scrapped all my plans of moving there. And the language classes to a back seat. I’ve forgotten most, I think, but it’ll probably come back to me if I take it up again.
I feel for the greek people and the situation they’re in at the moment. Personally I think they should just remove themselves from the EU. And the creditors needs to bury the dept, or at least a huge part of it.
Germany got a lot of its own dept cancelled back in the 70’s so they need to return the favor. Tides turn and you never know when you’re the one in need of help.
I want it all