Stripes in history

Once upon a time stripes were worn only by prisoners, clowns, prostitutes and the likes. Even striped animals were looked down upon.
A few centuries ago it was even illegal to wear them. History tells the story of a French cobbler who was condemned to death because he was caught wearing stripes back in 1310.
Why did people feel so harshly for the poor stripes?
It all started with the Palestinian monks, called Carmelites, and their arrival to France. Why no one liked these monks I don’t know, but they came wearing their official robe with brown stripes. The monks got nicknamed the ‘barred brothers’ and the striped clothing got banned by Pope Boniface VIII. This was back in 1295.
If you want to read about how the stripes evolved from there, you can click here for an interesting read.
Today stripes are as trendy as ever and I’m personally head over heels for them, even more so now that I know the colorful history.

Stripes on Stripes