This is my dream at the moment!
A nice summer evening by the sea, watching the sun set.
But the summer weather this year has been awful. It’s cold and it’s more or less constantly raining. I don’t need more than 5 fingers to count the sunny summer days we’ve had so far.
We always spend a week or two at our cabin by the sea, but this year it looks like we’re going to spend the entire summer at home.
It is what it is, I just really want to wear my summer clothes, that’s all.
So I am. Indoors!
Orange is one of the colors I planned to celebrate this summer. It’s trendy and full of life.
And after all, it’s the color of the year. Or at least in my area of the world it is.
Fingers crossed that this weekend will improve immensely when it comes to the temperature.
I want to wish everyone a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!