Here she comes

It’s 19.30 (7.30 in the evening) and saturday night, and what do you know, the sun showed up about an hour ago!
How awesome is that!
It’s been raining all day and all of a sudden there she is, the one and only we’ve all been longing for, the beautiful sun.
I hope this means she plans on coming back tomorrow.
But for now, I’m off to the terrace to enjoy a few hours of sunshine before she disappears behind the hill.
I just have to tell you about this thing happening earlier today. I saw a mama roe deer and two roe deer calves just outside my window. Then all of a sudden this male roe deer comes along and starts courting the mom. They had this wonderful dance going on. Whenever he got a little sniff of her behind she started running in circles and up and down the hill.
They eventually disappeared behind some trees so whether he got lucky or not I don’t know.
What I do know is that the very same ritual will be going on at the downtown clubs tonight. As soon as the sun shows up people flock to the outdoor restaurants and pubs.
And for all we know, the result might come along in about 9 months time.
Remember this story if you’re going clubbing tonight and take the necessary precautions.
But enjoy the dance!
Here she comes