Beach Party

Today I’m posting three in a row in appreciation of the sun showing up.
It’s a beach theme and this is my third and final set today.
We’re off to a beach party and for the occasion I’ve chosen a white lace kaftan dress.
I hope it’s not a see-through, but it really doesn’t matter if you wear a white swim suit underneath.
The cropped cocoon jacket, in a shimmering champagne color, adds glam to this outfit. A pair of gladiator heels and a floppy hat reminds us where we’re at.
It might not be easy walking in heels on the beach but these heels are chunky, and the ‘beaches’ around here are not like your average sandy beach. I’ve searched the internet and not yet found a good enough word to translate into English what we call these rock formations by the sea shores. But they’re perfect for tanning on a sunny summer day, and perfect for partying on a warm summer night.
This concludes my three in a row, hope you enjoyed.
Beach Party