Off to the coffee shop

Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee, and I need my x amount of cups a day.
Preferably cappuccino.
So today I’m off to the coffee shop.
It’s raining like crazy but I don’t care, I’m wearing a dress whether the weather likes it or not! With a long summer coat and a big umbrella I’ll be dry enough.
It’s the last day of July and it’s been an awful summer month with an average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, and a total of 4 warm and sunny summer days!
And the heat wave they promised us this weekend and next week, is a promise withdrawn.
This entire summer has been nothing but a broken promise.
It’s not really cold today so a long sleeve dress and a long coat will have to do, cause I’m wearing a dress this final ‘summer’ day in July!
Dress from Ted Baker, Heels from Michael Kors and clutch by Graf & Lantz.
Chocolate delight