Ocean Blue

I really miss the ocean.
Every home I’ve ever lived in had a view of the ocean, except for my current home.
I love the view I have now, but I still miss the ocean.
I can take the bus and be by the sea 15 minutes later, but I miss seeing it from my window.
When I grew up I had a full view of both the ocean and the mountains.
My view today is of a hill, it’s a green hill with trees and wildlife. I see moose and roe deers daily. But I miss seeing the ocean. When you grow up by the sea, it will remain close to your heart and you will always long for it.
I usually get my ocean fix every summer at our family cabin, but this year the cabin is being renovated.
I wonder if the ocean miss me as much as I miss the ocean…
And would it be impressed if I tried to dress like it…
Ocean Blue