High-Waisted Shorts

Crop tops and high-waisted shorts have been an often seen combo this summer.
Personally I prefer crop tops that doesn’t reveal the entire abdominal area.
A little glimpse of skin is all I need to see. Once upon a time men would almost faint if they saw a bare ankle on a woman, but those days are long gone and nowadays we’ve seen it all. And it’s really not that exciting anymore. I don’t think a bare belly shocks anyone. Dress to shock was fun while it lasted, now let’s go back and dress to impress.
And the most important person to impress, is yourself.
Clothes are powerful and can change how you feel and how you carry yourself.
 An outfit can make you feel slutty and cheap, or it can make you feel confident and sexy. Most of all we need to respect that taste is personal and what you loathe someone else might love:)
High-Waisted Shorts