Dear Daisy

My final post on printed skirts today.
I just came back from a trip downtown, and there were students everywhere.
There are a lot of students in this town and school started a few days ago, so I guess that explains it.
If you’re studying to become a botanist, then this outfit is a good place to start.
You can’t be a botanist without knowing everything there is to know about the daisy, or so I assume.
When I was a child we played the ‘love me love me not’ game by tearing apart this pretty flower. But it’s all worth it in love and war.
We actually call this flower ‘prestekrage’ in my language, directly translated that means a ‘priest’s collar’. If you imagine the yellow part being a priest’s neck I can see how it got its name.
Awesome daisy t-shirt from Desigual, a daisy skater skirt from Yumi, love me love me not leather sandals from Valentino and a daisy laser cut shoulder bag available at
Dear Daicy