Into the past

Hello, I’m home after an amazing day celebrating my step dad’s mom’s 80th birthday.
I can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather.
It’s been so hot and a perfect day to celebrate at our cabin by the sea.
It’s the very first tropical night this summer and most likely the last.
A tropical night is when temperatures reach 20 degrees Celsius or more after midnight. A rare thing around here. This summer has been the worse in over 40 years so for the weather to turn out this great today, well, how lucky can one get!
It’s late and I’m off to bed. I just wanted to throw in one more post. I thought this one was fitting, with the vintage radio and all. We had a moment while sitting by the shore, watching the sun set, having a bon fire. We found this old record player from 1933 and it played records like it was bought yesterday. Nothing can compare to the sound of old records!
Good night, see ya in the morning!
Into the past