Polka dot history

This time I’m going for a vintage inspired polka dot look.
Even though the dots are trendy right now I still consider them more vintage than anything else.
So where did the polka dot come from, and where did its name origin from?
The polka dots name came from a czech dance called Polka. A dance that was very popular in Europe in the early 1800 or so. With immigration the dance spread to the United States, and it was widely popular for at least two generations.
Polka clubs started to pop up around the US. The pride of being a Polka dancer brought with it a desire to let people know. So a jacket was created and worn by women who did the Polka, sort of like a ‘uniform’.  It was a fitted jacket made in a single color fabric and with evenly spaced dots on it. This jacket showed everyone that you were a member of a Polka dance club, hence the name polka dots.
With the popularity of the dance many products were born that took advantage of the Polka name. From Polka hats to Polka fabrics. Most of these items are long gone today but the polka dot pattern remains, as well as the polkapig.
Oh, never heard of it? It’s a type of red and white candy that actually resembles the candy cane in taste. But it’s round and popular amongst older ladies. My grandma always had a bowl filled with them.
So there you have it. The Polka is still being danced even though its popularity has worn off, but the polka dot print is as trendy as ever.

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