Beach House

It’s been a while since my last interior set so I figured it was time. This set does not show images from our cabin by the sea, but it was inspired by it. I love our cabin, it’s owned by my parents and my step aunt and her family. It’s a place I love and adore and it only takes 30 minutes to drive over there. It’s an old cabin built by my step dad’s grandfather way back when. The area is protected now so nothing new can be built there. The cabin is surrounded by the sea. In front we have the clay ground and on the other side we have huge rocks. I can’t find an English word that is good enough to describe it so I’ll go with rocks.
There is also a small island close by and it’s possible to walk over there. You walk through the beach and into a small forest and then there’s a narrow rock path over to the island that is inhabited by birds.
The entire area is lovely. I grew up by the sea and ill always love it.
Today my following sets will also be inspired by the sea and beach but we’ll be back into fashion again.
Beach House