Beautiful Day gone bad

My final polka-dot post for now. And I’m still playing with colorful dots, this time it’s a dotted t-shirt from Marni. It’s a few hours past midnight and I’ve been sitting around waiting for the bad weather to pass. I avoid going online during a thunderstorm but this one is not wanting to stop. A bit ironic since I had named this set ‘A beautiful day’. But in all honesty, it was a beautiful day for at least half of it, then it went sour. I guess we need the rain, so it’s not all bad, but what I need more than rain is access to the internet without the risk of being electrocuted. I’m just gonna say goodnight and see ya in the morning. And if it’s still thunder and lightning in the morning, I’m going to google it and see if we really need to turn off the computer, the tv and unplug what ever we have plugged. Or is it just an urban myth holding us hostage?!Beautiful Day